“Automattic started out as a distributed workforce because it was the easiest way to attract the best engineering talent from around the world.”

“I’m not advocating a foolhardy implementation of innovation for it’s own sake. Innovation is all about doing something new that adds value, which does good things for customers and grows the financial top and bottom lines. If it doesn’t do any of this, then of course there may good reasons for not doing it. But when market decline, heightened competitive threat, consumer irrelevance or other seismic factors will seriously damage your business, the momentum trend line is not a fair comparison.”

The Dirty Dozen Product Roadmap Roadblocks - Street Smart Product Manager

A roadmap is your vision for how a product (or product line) will help achieve your organization’s strategic goals. In that sense, it is literally a map of the steps involved in getting your business where you want it to go. To make it even more concrete, I also like to think of a product roadmap as a timeline view of your priorities.

Empathy: A Product Manager’s Key To Success — Medium

It is Product’s understanding of the customer that produces value for the company, and a company that doesn’t understand who it’s selling to is bound to fail.

Lean Project Canvas

First it was the Business Model Canvas, then the Lean Canvas. I dug it, but it didn’t quite seem a fit for an established business. Sure enough, someone’s thought of that, enter the Lean Project Canvas: http://www.agile42.com/en/blog/2013/04/11/lean-project-canvas/