16 10 / 2014

"“Don’t confuse the urgent with the important.” - Preston Ni"

08 10 / 2014

"Entrepreneurs often ‘cannot easily separate action and analysis’. They are not slowed down by formal decision-making processes. They understand that even when’re there is a detailed concept, the model cannot be set in stone. They are willing to launch the business quickly, but in a measured way, focusing less on planning and more on learning.
That good business builders are willing to move quickly, fixing as they go, does not mean they are content with shoddy or incomplete business models. On the contrary, they want the best plans possible given the information available. But they recognize uncertainty cannot be resolved without real world learning."

Think lean product dev is new? Guess what year (and book) this quote is from…

05 10 / 2014

"The bigger the market, the more opportunity there is to take just a segment, a slice, and be 10x better. You don’t have to be 10x better than everything."

02 10 / 2014

15 9 / 2014

"Automattic started out as a distributed workforce because it was the easiest way to attract the best engineering talent from around the world."

08 9 / 2014

"I’m not advocating a foolhardy implementation of innovation for it’s own sake. Innovation is all about doing something new that adds value, which does good things for customers and grows the financial top and bottom lines. If it doesn’t do any of this, then of course there may good reasons for not doing it. But when market decline, heightened competitive threat, consumer irrelevance or other seismic factors will seriously damage your business, the momentum trend line is not a fair comparison."

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